Indonesia Country Information


Indonesia, the largest archipelago and the fifth most populous nation in the world, has a total of 17,508 islands, of which about 6,000 are inhabited. Indonesia extends 3,198 miles (5,150km) between the Australian and Asian continental mainland and divides the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator. With a total land area of 767,777 square miles (1,919,443 sq. km), its 190 million inhabitants are made up of 300 ethnic groups who speak an estimated 583 different languages and dialects. There are five main islands in Indonesia. These are: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s most important islands in just about every way: economically, politically and strategically. Sumatra accounts for a full 25% of the country’s total land area. Bukit Barisan, an unbroken mountain wall varying in height, extends down the entire western side of the island. The range includes 93 volcano peaks, 15 of them still active. With 176 different species of mammals, 194 reptiles, 62 amphibians and 150 birds, the island is famous for its varied animal life. It has a greater variety of wildlife than any other island in the country. Continue reading



Bali is so picturesque that you could be fooled into thinking it was a painted backdrop: rice paddies trip down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soar through the clouds, the forests are lush and tropical, and the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Recent tragic events have scared away many of those who simply saw Bali as a place for cheap beer. While the Bintang is still tasty and plentiful, Bali’s temples, ceremonies, beaches, mountains and passion for life are undiminished and more easily enjoyed than ever. Continue reading


The most developed island in the Indonesian archipelago, Java exhibits all the characteristics of an Asian society experiencing rapid transition: great wealth and equal squalor; beautiful open country and filthy cities; tranquil rural scenes and streets choked with traffic. Continue reading

Installation Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0

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  • Insert the Presentation Server 4.0 Server CD and click the Product Installation and updates button.
  • Click the Install MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 and its components button to launch the setup program
  • Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and click the I accept the license agreement radio button and click Next to continue. Continue reading

Installation Checklist for Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server, Version 4.0

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Citrix® MetaFrame® Presentation Server is the easiest way to manage enterprise applications from a central location and access them from anywhere. The foundation of the MetaFrame Access Suite, Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server is the world’s most widely deployed presentation server for centrally managing heterogeneous applications and delivering their functionality as a service to workers, wherever they may be.

This checklist includes only the basic requirements for installing and running MetaFrame Presentation Server for Windows and its components. For important information to consider before installing Citrix products, please review the readme files and administrator guides for components you plan to install. The readme files and administrator guides are available through the Document Center. Continue reading

Setting Up Windows Apache HTTP Server – Testing DHTML Menu

Setting up a web server is easier than you think and allows you to experiment with the menu in a testing environment. The operating system you are running will determine which web server you will use. Those using Windows XP Professional will have access to Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), for all other Windows systems (including XP Home Edition) we recommend using Apache 1.3 HTTP Server. Continue reading

Microsoft Excel tips

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Auto sum shortcut key

Quickly create a Microsoft Excel formula to get the sum of all cells by highlighting the cells you wish to know the value of and pressing ALT and = .

Create hyper links in Excel

Quickly create hyper links in your Microsoft Word, Excel, or Front Page document by highlighting text and pressing “CTRL + K”.

Close all open files at once Continue reading