Installation Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0

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· Insert the Presentation Server 4.0 Server CD and click the Product Installation and updates button.
· Click the Install MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 and its components button to launch the setup program
· Scroll to the bottom of the license agreement and click the I accept the license agreement radio button and click Next to continue.
· Klik the button Next on dialog box Prerquisistes Intallation
· Waiting opened dialog box coise install and klik Next button
· Choose I already have a licence server,or will use the product CD to install one later->Klik Next
· Setup is now already install the Access Suite Console,Klik next button to continue
· Select the folder you wist the install then Acces Suite Console snap-in ->klik Next
· Clik Next To begin installation of th Access Suite Console
· Clik Finish
· Install Presentation Server 4.0 klik Next buton
· Chose Enterprise Edition
· Unchek Packager->Next
· Click to select the Yes radio button to give the end-users the ability to utilize Pass- Throught authentication. Click Next to continue.You are now prompted to reate or join a server farm. Click the Create a new farm radio button and Click Next.
· Enter a server farm name in the Farm Name text box and select what type of Data Store that will be used as documented in the Presentation Server 4.0 Farm Design section of the Design Phase Deliverable.You also have the ability to select the Zone the new server will exist. For the first server in a farm I highly recommend using the default zone name.Click Next when finished.
· Tes SQL server source,Click Ok when Successfully
· Enter Name server and port->klik Next
· Choose Allow Shadowing of user sessions on this server->Klik Next
· Enter the TCP/IP port that the Citrix XML Service will listen on and Click Next
· Choose Add the list of users from the Users group now and clik Next
· Verify the farm and installation settings are correct and click Finish.

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