The most developed island in the Indonesian archipelago, Java exhibits all the characteristics of an Asian society experiencing rapid transition: great wealth and equal squalor; beautiful open country and filthy cities; tranquil rural scenes and streets choked with traffic.

The Hindu-Buddhist empires reached their zenith on Java, producing architectural wonders such as Borobudur and Prambanan. Islam, following on after this, absorbed rather than erased local cultures, leaving Java with a mish-mash of historic influences and religions.

Travel Warning: Volcanoes

Mt Semeru in East Java,Mt Merapi in Central Java and Mt Kelud in East Java are highly active volcanoes. Travellers should always check news sources for any heightened activity before visiting these areas.

severity: Mid-level alert

Fast Facts




Name: Rupiah
Code: IDR
Symbol: Rp

Electrical Plugs

European plug with two circular metal pins British-style plug with two flat blades and one flat grounding blade
127/230V 50Hz

Languages Spoken

Official: Indonesian

Time Zones


Country Dialing Code


Weights & Measures



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